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Working on those New Years Resolutions…

Working on those New Years Resolutions...

…Though I really don’t like to call them that…just things I would like to challenge myself to get better at in the coming year.  And since I started a new decade at the beginning of this year, I recently turned 40, there are some big things on the list.   One is health.  Jay and I have been together for 20 years this coming June…and I have probably gained a pound for each year we have been together…(maybe even a couple more).  😉  I don’t gain weight like a lot of Women…i.e. hips and thighs…mine all goes to my belly!  This has given me years and years of people asking me “when are you due” or my personal favorite actually touching my belly and asking the same question.  I am not really a fan of dieting and while I actually do like exercise, I haven’t been properly motivated in quite some time.  But Jay and I recently found some Apps on the Iphone that have been very helpful to us.

One is called Lose it.  You give yourself a goal…mine is 10 pounds of weight loss by April and it tells you how many calories you can have a day.  you then enter the food you eat and it tracks how many calories you have left.  If you exercise you get more calories.  We have found this helpful for a few different reasons.  1. it helps us make better food choices.  You can actually scan the bar code in and it will immediately dock your calories…so you can decide if the chips are a better choice with lunch…or the carrots.  2. it helps you see what you are really putting into your body. It tally’s your points all day…so at the end of the day you can decide if you have enough calories left for some popcorn before bed.  3. we can share recipes with each other, so if we eat the same thing for dinner, we just make one recipe and share it.  This makes it very easy for couples trying to lose together.  4.  By gaining calories through exercise, it does motivate me to do something physical every day.

The other App I like is called SportsTracker.  I use this to track my exercise.  This morning Truman and I decided to Dance/Walk to school.  *(I apologize to anyone that may have had to see this).  But we put on some music and danced our way down the street, (thanks Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for the motivation!)  This App is great, because it tracks your time, speed, route, miles…everything!  And it records it so when you are done, you can feed the info into your Lose it App…plus you can see, GPS style, where you went.

So there you have it…two things that are helping Jay and I reach some goals…(3 if you count Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)!  And I must say it works!  I am down 2 pounds already!  And it really hasn’t been that hard to keep up with! 


Working on those New Years Resolutions...

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