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What happens in Vegas, comes home and improves my business…and makes my head spin! Thanks WPPI!

WOW!!  My mind is truly still reeling from all the knowledge that Jay and I picked up in Vegas at this year’s WPPI.  It was our first time attending this HUGE Photographer’s conference and overwhelmed is an understatement to describe what I am feeling.  We learned so much about so many topics from so many experts that it is hard to even know where to begin.  Jay has hit the ground running.  He is working on improving our website and blog…and our business plan and several thousand other things he learned about!  ME…my head is still in shock!!  Truly it IS!  There are SO MANY things that I was to implement and I don’t know where to begin.  Mary Marantz, told me to pick three things and start there.  But what three should I start with?  I want to do everything!  What if I pick the wrong three?  I focused on off camera lighting and my plan is to practice, practice, practice!!  So there is 1.  I need to re-vamp my pricing and collections…so that is 2.  and for 3.  well there are SO MANY CHOICES!!  There is marketing, posing, editing, branding, vendors and products, composition, album design, social media, web design, etc, etc, etc…do you see why my head is spinning??   So I have BIG changes and BIG plans in the works for Leigh Skaggs Photography…some may take longer to implement…but I can’t wait to embark on the journey!

What happens in Vegas, comes home and improves my business...and makes my head spin!  Thanks WPPI!


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