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So Thankful to YOU!!!

So Thankful to YOU!!!

At Christmas time, I like to look back on the year and think of how thankful I am for all of the gifts I have received.  No I don’t mean gifts in the sense of presents, but gifts that others have bestowed on me through their kindness and willingness to give of themselves.  This has been a wonderful year for me, both personally and business wise.  And I truly have so much and so many to be thankful for.  So let’s get the ball rolling…

To my Husband…you continue to amaze me with your ability to literally be my better half.  You are one of the most supportive people I know, my biggest cheerleader, and I love you more today than I did 18 years ago.  Thank you for always helping me to see the big picture, even when I get lost in the details.  Thank you for pushing me to be a better person every day.  Thank you for choosing to go on this crazy ride called life with me, and for keeping me sane and happy along the way.   I know that I can be a handful, and you really know how to keep my feet planted on the ground.   I could not be a luckier girl if I tried.  Thank you!

To my Mom and Bob…Thank you for always putting my kids above all.  I know that I ask a lot of you both.  You always take time out of your very busy schedules to take the kids so that either I or both Jay and I can go to weddings or portrait sessions.  Mom, you have taught me through your actions what it means to be an excellent Mother and my only hope is that I can be half as good to my kids as you are to me.  And Bob, nothing brightens my day more than to know how much you love my kids and how dedicated you are to spending time with them.   I know I don’t pay you, but Leigh Skaggs Photography would be nothing without the dedication the two of you give to me and my business.   Thank you both!

To my kids Morgan and Truman:  Thank you for learning to make your own peanut butter sandwiches, toast, chocolate milk, cinnamon toast and pop tarts.  You both were such a great help to me this summer when I was editing a new wedding or portrait session every week.  I appreciate you trying to keep the fighting to a minimum and playing together so that I could continue to be home with you both, even though I am working.  You two mean absolutely everything to me, and everything that I do is for you.  Thank you!

 To Lisa DeMarco of Lisa D Photography…Thank you for being the best Assistant, (that I am not married to).  Jay HAS to put up with me and all the high expectations that I put on him…you don’t and you do it anyway.  I always have so much fun when we go out and shoot weddings together…even when you and Jay are picking on me.  🙂  I really appreciate the time you give up to help me at weddings.  I know that I can trust you to do your very best in every situation, even when you are starving, and I love all the fun we have together.  Thank you!

To Valerie Demo…Thank you for giving me my first opportunity to second shoot a wedding.  I know that I learned this backwards and I appreciate you giving me the chance to be a part of your world.  If you ever need me again, please do not hesitate to call!  I am all yours.  Thank you!

To my Cheerleaders, I mean Clients…Thank you for telling everyone you know about me.  I don’t really do a lot of advertising and the reason that I continue to have success is directly because of YOU!  It truly means so much that you think so highly of me, that you trust me to be a part of yours and your Family and Friends lives.   Thank you for allowing me to watch your kids and your families grow, one photo session at a time.   I honestly cannot tell you how much it means to me to be able to do that.  It is my FAVORITE part of my job!  Please continue to keep up the good work, I could not do this without you!!  Thank you!

To Everyone…I am humbled and in awe that I get to do this job that I love so much.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your lives, for giving me the opportunity to capture your cherished moments and enabling me to live my dream.   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!!

  • Lisa Demarco - Ok now that I need a box of tissue….. The reason that http://www.leighskaggsphotography.com/ is a huge success is because of you. ( yeah you have helpers ) but it is truly because you are such a genuinely kind person. Yes you are tough ,demanding, competitive and some times even a little ( LOT ) bossy, but in return you are a great mother, mentor, teacher, ( I am sure wife) coach and friend. You always go above and beyond and for that we are all thankful. Now enough with the mushy crap. 🙂 Happy Holidays !!!ReplyCancel

  • An admendment to my Thank You letter… | Leigh Skaggs Photography - […] wrote my year-end thank you letter to all the people that have helped me throughout the year… see here… I neglected to add someone and I would like to fix that […]ReplyCancel

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