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My Crossfit Journey | Personal Norfolk Virginia Photographer

Today marks three years that I decided to put my fears aside and walk in the door at Crossfit Norfolk in Ocean View Virginia.  I still remember it like it was yesterday!  I was sadly out of shape…coming of an ACL repair and in need of something to help keep this 40 something going for at least the next 40 years!!  🙂  After shooting weddings, my body felt like it had been hit by a truck.  When my Son would ask me to play with him, I would opt out because I didn’t want him to see me huff and puff after only a few minutes of running around.  And picking up a case of water at Costco was a dreaded task that I would leave in the car for my hubby to grab when he got home from work! 

I was fed up with myself and needed a change!  When I started at Crossfit, I could barely lift a 10 lb. bar over my head, I could do NO pullups, my squat was painful, and my cardio was BAD!   I would watch people do double unders, tons of pullups, overhead squats, and cleans and snatches and think to myself…”that looks so cool…I wish I could do that too!!”  I began literally lifting a PVC pipe over my head and doing pullups just “jumping” my chin over the bar from a box.  I went home every day exhausted, sore and HAPPY!  Everyday I went back and tried again.  After a little while, my mobility got better and I got stronger.  I started lifting the 10# bar…then I was able to do even more weight.  I could use a jump rope to do single unders with ease…but still couldn’t do double unders, and I graduated to banded pull ups.  

This year, I can snatch 101# over my head from the floor.  I can clean 135# and I can overhead squat 105#.  I can do 57 double unders in a row and pull ups are my B*TCH.  I can do them strict, chin up, kipping, butterfly and chest to bar!  I still want to die after workouts…but it’s because I have pushed myself.  When I shoot weddings, the next day I can do whatever I want and that water at Costco…not problem!  I can carry that one handed AND open the door for myself. 

If I sound like I am bragging…I am!  I have worked HARD!!  I work out with kids half my age (and no I can’t keep up with them…but I do make them think I can!)  I am sore almost everyday…but I love it because it makes me know that my body is STILL trying everyday to be stronger.  Am I skinny, NO, (but between you and me, I like food too much for that!)  But am I strong?!  YES!!  And that is more important to me anyway!

If you feel like you can’t do it…it’s too hard…this isn’t for you…remember, I too felt that way.  We ALL start somewhere and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  Crossfit will help you work on them all.  Everything can be scaled to YOUR level.  It took me a year to learn pullups, 2 years to really learn double unders, and 3 years to commit to even trying a squat snatch.  Don’t decide that your current fitness level is the best you will ever be.  Decide you want more for your life.  Make the time.  Give yourself the gift of strength.  YOU can do it!!  

My Crossfit Journey | Personal

A Family that works out together stays together! 

My Crossfit Journey | PersonalMy Crossfit Journey | Personal

My Crossfit Journey | Personal


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