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What I learned in 2013…and Goals for 2014!

Okay so last year, Jay and I went to WPPI in Las Vegas to learn new things to help make us better Photographers and business owners…I wrote about it HERE.   It was an amazing trip and we learned so much.  I wish we could go back this year, but instead have decided to put some money into workshops and marketing.  We found that 2013 was one of the BEST years we have had yet, and we hope to improve upon it again this year!  Jay worked on making our blog and website have a better web presence.  He learned about SEO and how to use it to our advantage.  He also pushed for more advertising…so we put some money into that for the first time this year.  I wanted to learn more about photography (admittedly, I do not love the business side of business), so I have been a practicing fool!!  I have learned a ton about OCF (off-camera flash) from Will King Photography.  (He is the OCF God!)  I also plan to take some workshops this year to give me some more practice with flash.  I hired Katie Durski to re-vamp my brand and website.  I will be changing the way that my Clients get their photographs from me this year, as I am moving to a Show-it website with PASS.  I look forward to getting this done!!  I plan to continue to make education a priority.  I will be reading blogs, watching creative live, and practicing!!  I plan to write down all my processes and finish my template emails…(I slacked on this last year!)  I also plan to blog more and allow myself to be photographed more.  (I have an anxiety issue about having my photo taken, I know, weird, right?!?!)  I plan to learn more about Twitter and Google +, because they are both foreign languages to me.  And my goal is to book at least 3 more weddings than I did last year!  And I would LOVE to book some weddings outside of Virginia (I have one in Maryland!) I am offering deep discounts to weddings on the West Coast or anywhere I have to use my passport to get to.  So contact me about it!!  

     Last but not least, I will stop being intimidated by others in the industry and start believe in myself.  I am really great at my job.  I LOVE people and I CARE about making sure I do the best job I possibly can to tell your story.  But sometimes I second guess my worth when I am faced with all the industry big wigs.  I am going to STOP doing this.  I have every right to shine and intend to do just that!   So while going to industry parties will still give me butterflies, I am going to step outside my comfort zone and just do it!  I mean, what is the worst that can happen…

Have a great day!

High Five for 2014 Goals!

What I learned in 2013...and Goals for 2014! 

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