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Goodbye 2014!! My 2015 New Years Resolutions!!

2014 was one of the BEST years yet for Leigh Skaggs Photography!  I launched our new website, found a new way to give our clients their photos, made a ton of new friends in the business and traveled to new places for all the beautiful weddings we photographed!  I spent money on marketing…some in places I found helpful, some in places I did not.  I started working on a magazine for my Brides that will help to give them lots of helpful tips and tricks for planning their wedding day (I plan to finish that this year!!)  I bought a MAC, learned how to use it, and fell in LOVE!!  I continued to learn more about photography so that I can deliver a high quality product to the people who put their trust in me.  In 2015, my business goals are to continue to treat my clients as the most important part of my business (because they ARE!!), making sure that they are happy in all aspects of their experience.  To learn more about post processing and continue to streamline my processes, so that I can get photos back to my clients faster and spend more time with my family.  To continue to strive to improve my craft to give my clients the best experience possible.

I also have some personal goals for 2015.  I pushed my limits at Crossfit in 2014 and accomplished many things that if you would have told me in 2014 that I could do, I would have laughed in your face.  I learned to do a pull-up!!  It took me a whole year, but I finally got it and in fact the other day I did 100 pull-ups!!  In 2015, I would like to learn to do butterfly kipping pull-ups…they look like this…I would also like to master double-unders and continue to improve at burpees and wall ball shots (which I HATE!!)

I would like to continue to kayak around all the great water options we have around here, and in getting back to my roots a little, I would like to take my Family camping and hiking in the mountains.  While I LOVE the beach more than anything…I miss the mountains and would like to reconnect more with them every chance I get.

I plan to continue to work on becoming the best wife and mother I can possibly be and I would also like to learn how to play the guitar and to knit.  It is going to be a BUSY year!!  Let’s do this 2015!!

Goodbye 2014!!  My 2015 New Years Resolutions!!


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