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My new Camera comes today…Excited is an understatement!!

I sold Jay’s 7D about 8 months ago with every intention of replacing it…but then life got busy and I never got around to it.   When the 5D Mark III came out I decided to wait a little longer to see if it was worth the hype or if I should spend the money on the Mark II which I know I LOVE.  Every photographer that I trust, that has a Mark III and is head over heels…so when Jay called me the other day and he asked me why had I not bought a replacement camera yet (incidentally, he will get my old Mark II…not the Mark III)…I told him I wasn’t sure what to get.  He said “get the Mark III, what are you waiting for??”  That was all I needed to hear…Within minutes I was choosing my shipping.  So today is my day…I can’t wait to get that camera in my hands.  Sorry kiddos, I feel a photo shoot coming on!  You better run!

My new Camera comes today...Excited is an understatement!!

  • Lisa Demarco - Yeah so excited to hear your feedback and see some shots .ReplyCancel

  • Leigh - Still waiting for UPS…:-(ReplyCancel

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